BrainWeb: custom MRI simulations request

Please choose the parameters for your simulation:
Simulation model (phantom)
Phantom :
MR pulse sequence
from template:pulse sequence, and protocol.
and/or customize the individual parameters below:
Slice thickness [mm] :this also specifies the amount of partial volume artifact; note that the in-plane pixel size is always 1x1mm
range: 1...10
Scan technique :type of pulse sequence
Repetition time (TR) [ms] :
Inversion time (TI) [ms] :only used for the inversion recovery (IR) pulse sequence
Flip angle [deg] :ignored for all SE, DSE* and IR sequences (these use a fixed excitation flip angle of 90 deg)
range: 1...150
Echo time(s) (TE) [ms] :all pulse sequences use only one echo time, except the DSE_EARLY and DSE_LATE sequences which need two echo times separated by a comma (,)
Image Type :type of reconstructed output image
Imaging artifacts
Noise reference tissue :tissue that is to be used as a reference for the percent noise calculation (see below)
Noise level [%] :the standard deviation of the gaussian noise that is to be added to the real and imaginary channels is given by the noise percent multiplied by the reference tissue intensity
range: 0...100
Random generator seed :seed used to initialize the random number generator used for noise simulations; if zero, a new pseudo-random seed will be generated everytime
range: 0...2147483647
INU field :choice of a synthetic INU field shape; all of them are based on fields observed in real MR scans
INU ("RF") level [%] :specifies the intensity non-uniformity level (a negative value inverts the field)
range: -100...100

Your email :When the requested simulation is completed, you will be notified at this address.
NOTE: it is very important to correctly enter a valid email address, otherwise you won't be able to retrieve the data that you requested!

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