BrainWeb: About the Simulated Brain Database

The pre-generated Simulated Brain Database (SBD) was produced using the following parameters:
pulse sequence:
as in the ICBM {T1,T2,PD} template of custom simulations.
the reference tissue for the noise computation was: White Matter for T1, and CSF for T2 and PD images.
INU (intensity non-uniformity):
the field A was used for T1 images, field B for T2 images, and field C for PD images.
Note that you can obtain images with any other combination of parameters by using the custom simulations feature.

Intensity non-uniformity fields:
You can download the inhomogeneity fields used to simulate these MR images. There are three fields available: field A, field B,field C.
These files are the 20% INU version. For other INU levels, these fields are rescaled linearly to provide alternate inhomogeneity percentages.