BrainWeb: Anatomical Model of Normal Brain

The anatomical model used to generate simulated brain MRI data consist of a set of 3-dimensional "fuzzy" tissue membership volumes, one for each tissue class (white matter, grey matter, cerebrospinal fluid, fat, ...). The voxel values in these volumes reflects the proportion of tissue present in that voxel, in the range [0,1]. The volumes are defined at a 1mm isotropic voxel grid in Talairach space, with dimensions 181x217x181 (XxYxZ) and start coordinates -90,-126,-72 (x,y,z).

In addition to the fuzzy tissue membership volumes, a discrete anatomical model is provided which consists of a class label (integer) at each voxel, representing the tissue which contributes the most to that voxel (0=Background, 1=CSF, 2=Grey Matter, 3=White Matter, 4=Fat, 5=Muscle/Skin, 6=Skin, 7=Skull, 8=Glial Matter, 9=Connective).

...more details of the anatomical model.

The following volumes make up the anatomical model. The volume, in mm3, of each tissue class in the discrete model is shown in parenthesis.

   Discrete Model     (total: 7109137)    [View]  [Download]

   Fuzzy Models:

      Background      (3001960)           [View]  [Download]

      CSF             (371945)            [View]  [Download]

      Grey Matter     (902912)            [View]  [Download]

      White Matter    (674777)            [View]  [Download]

      Fat             (146514)            [View]  [Download]

      Muscle / Skin   (617482)            [View]  [Download]

      Skin            (726649)            [View]  [Download]

      Skull           (362561)            [View]  [Download]

      Glial Matter    (5987)              [View]  [Download]

      Connective      (298350)            [View]  [Download]
If you prefer, you may download the entire fuzzy data set in a single UNIX tar file. These are available at a resolution of 1mm3 (same as the files above), and also for thicker slices (in Z direction): 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm.

NEW & IMPROVED! Now you can also download the inhomogeneity fields (INU) used to simulate the MRI-s : see this page.