BrainWeb: Simulated MRI Volumes for Normal Brain

Select the desired simulated volume using the switches below. These simulations are based on an anatomical model of normal brain, which can serve as the ground truth for any analysis procedure.

In this pre-computed simulated brain database (SBD), the parameter settings are fixed to 3 modalities, 5 slice thicknesses, 6 levels of noise, and 3 levels of intensity non-uniformity. You can also request simulations done with arbitrary parameters from the BrainWeb custom MRI simulations interface.

The voxel values in each image are magnitude values, rather than complex, real or imaginary. For more information, see the FAQ.

Modality: (you can choose one of the following pulse sequences)
      T1      T2      PD

Slice thickness: (in-plane pixel size is always 1x1mm)
     1mm     3mm     5mm     7mm     9mm

Noise: (calculated relative to the brightest tissue)
      0%      1%      3%      5%      7%      9%

Intensity non-uniformity ("RF"):
      0%      20%      40%